My divine purpose is to help uplift the world towards health sovereignty. We all deserve to feel peace, joy, freedom, radiant health and divine connection.

As a Transformative "I See You" Nurse Coach I see the whole you; mind, body and spirit with the innate capacity to heal yourself.

“True Health does not have to be complicated. We just need to slow down enough to hear the whispers of our soul.” - unknown

As a transformative Nurse Coach, I provide a safe, heart centered container to guide clients into alignment with healing from the inside out, by taking the whole person approach to health and healing.

There is no magic protocol or pill that is the same for everyone to live their best health. We are all unique with different needs, stressors and values. The choices we make from each moment to moment become our medicine.  I help clients create an empowered vision of themselves and take responsibility for their health and find freedom through their inner wisdom.

I LOVE to collaborate with clients who are curious and motivated to cleanse, detox and heal from disease, stress, anxiety and self-sabotage from the inside out so they can feel confident, energized, balanced and free!

💗 Jana.

My clients are empowered with tools, knowledge and energy to continue the healing journey beyond our time together.  

Own Your Energy and Change Your Story

Most of you have a general idea of what it takes to improve your  overall health right?!

So why aren’t you doing it? Why aren’t you taking daily action to eat a clean healing diet, move your body daily and live with the thriving wellness that you know deep down is possible (and deserved).

I’ve shifted my role as a nurse with Nurse Coaching to help people find that intrinsic drive to actually make those changes and love themselves from the inside out. Not just to look their best but to feel their best on a cellular and energetic level. To help people find freedom from dependency, limitations and excuses of old stories.

I help people reverse and prevent chronic diseases by healing the root cause of imbalances and empowering them to shift their energy into more confidence, clarity, motivation and freedom to make lasting, healing lifestyle changes.

“Changing your energy Changes your life!”

Specialties include;

Gastrointestinal Disease/Disorders

Chronic Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Hormone/Thyroid imbalances

Uterine Fibroids

High blood pressure

Weight loss/Detox/Cleanse

More About Me and My Credentials

Jana is a Registered Nurse, Transformative Nurse Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and wellness enthusiast. Jana has served as an RN in the acute healthcare setting for over 20 years with experience in Intensive Care, Gastroenterology, and Pulmonology. Prior to obtaining a bachelor's degree in Nursing from the University of Calgary, Jana received her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology from BYU- Hawaii and worked as a personal trainer. She has also been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years and received her initial yoga teacher training in functional power yoga in 2018. She has since studied 500+ hours in Thai Yoga Massage, Thyroid, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda. Jana also received her Usui Reiki master training in 2017 at the beaches and on a mountain top in Costa Rica.

Jana is passionate about empowering people with tools for self healing through therapeutic inquiry, emotional and energetic awareness, empowerment, mindset, prayer, goal setting and accountability. Her practice combines the healing tools from integrative practices of yoga, energy medicine, EFT, fitness, nutrition and cleansing mind, body and spirit. Jana’s intention is to empower clients to step up and take responsibility for their health, wellness and God given sovereignty. Jana believes health is a state of homeostasis within all systems of the body, mind and spirit. True wellness is found in balancing and harmonizing our emotional, energetic and physical bodies.


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Radiant Health is Your Core Truth

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