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The most profound positive changes that I’ve made in my life have often been the result of travelling and exploring  new environments. I always find it super inspiring and activating for my creativity to experience and explore new settings, beaches and hikes. Getting new perspectives and experiencing new energy coupled with healing intentions, expert health coaching and a play is a powerful recipe for transformation.

Welcome to my Retreat page!

My retreats are inspired by the multiple fitness, yoga, boot camp, and energy medicine retreats that I’ve invested in over the years. I provide an immersive environment and safe container to facilitate a quantum leap into your next chapter of more self love, peace, radiance and joy.

Healing is about becoming YOU AGAIN.

My retreats are designed for you to get back to the truth of who you really are and embody your purpose and light fully.

Choose Your Own Adventure Retreat

(Private or Group)

Orange County & San Diego

This is the start of a NEW chapter. The NEW you.

YOU are the LEAD of your own story. If you are not in LOVE with your story right now for whatever reason, now is your chance to create a new chapter! Change your script to align more fully with your Souls desires.

Take action as the hero of your story and OWN IT!

What will your next chapter look like?

This retreat is the catalyst for stepping into the NEW YOU!

Choose Your Own Adventure Retreat Includes:

3-night luxury accommodation in Coastal Orange County or San Diego.

Airport Transfer to accommodation.

Welcome Ceremony/ Intention setting.

2 X 3 hour in person Coaching sessions with Jana. Creating the vision and plan for your new chapter.

1 Thai yoga massage/ Energy Healing session.

Cleansing Nutrition/meals/juice/tea - Customized for you.

Therapeutic Healing Facial (options available)

Customize your adventure!

Southern California has so much to offer.  Yoga, Red Light Sauna, HIIT, Surf, Paddle board, Kayak, hike, bike or just relax with a book.

Customized Healing or detox Protocol co-created with you for moving forward and maintaining your healing GLOW. Follow up call with Jana (within a month).

Optional Usui Reiki Level 1 (self-healing) attunement if desired.

Personalized Gift.

Book a call with me to plan your ADVENTURE! Where we will tap into PLAY, CREATIVITY and SELF LOVE.

Mermaid BLISS -

Own Your Energy -

Self Healer

Mermaid Lace Workshop

Create a vision for your new chapter and create your own Gemstone Mermaid lace infused with your intention. The resonance of your lace will support you in stepping into the new and improved you!

Shift your consciousness and energy from fear to LOVE.

Connect to your energy centers through breath, movement, meditation and self inquiry.

Learn how shifting your energy within changes your physical reality.

Strengthen your divine connection.

Activate and Align your purpose with Self LOVE and Service.

Reclaim, Embody and Express your Inner Truth.

In person workshop is approximately 6 hours (one day)

Online workshop is broken into 2  sessions - So you can have time to choose your stones and receive your supplies in the mail.

Worthy Woman

Beliefs create our reality - During our 2 day Worthy Woman Retreat we assess, challenge and re-frame dis-empowering beliefs that have been programmed and are running subconscious programming in your self concept, decision making and nervous system.

A belief is just a thought you continue to think. Lets re-wire new beliefs to support a more empowered, healthy, confident you, by changing your thoughts and giving NEW MEANING to your story.


2 day Radiance Cleanse - Nutrition customized for you.

Worthy - WE ARE SPIRIT - Nurture your spiritual connection.  Tune into the messages coming in from the Divine, your Higher Self.

Wise - WE ARE AIR - Assess your boundaries, Resistance to LOVE and your communication habits.

Wild - WE ARE EARTH - Tune into your lower triangle (lower energy centers). physical senses, digestion and connection to the earth.

Woman - WE ARE FIRE - Explore your truth, create your vision and own your identity as a feminine force.

Take the Lead Role in your Story and create your epic adventure!

Retreats are flexible to meet your desires. Feel free to combine any of the above workshops into your “Choose Your Own Adventure” Retreat

Email me with inquiries and questions

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