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“Prior to the coaching sessions I was: Having a hard time to relax. I was unable to get good sleep. Not achieving goals I was setting for myself. Feeling like my opinions didn’t matter. I found the experience working with Jana to be very beneficial to my daily life in helping me to find ways to deal with what needed to be changed in my life. What I liked most was being able to talk openly and freely and know that I was not being judged. I was able to be myself and tell you things that I don’t tell anyone else for fear of hurting others feelings. The benefits that I gained from our coaching together were that I have learned new ways to deal with many issues in my life that were negatively impacting me. Jana was able to give me strategies to use with so many issues I have been having in my life prior to our coaching sessions that helped me out immensely. I am now achieving goals that I have set for myself which helps me to feel at peace with myself. I have learned to set realistic goals and to take some time for myself. It is ok to think of myself to help me to rejuvenate and replenish myself. I have discovered that I matter and that I can be heard if I let myself be heard. I would recommend your coaching to anyone who is needing help in their life trying to find balance with work or personal life issues such as needing help with physical or mental wellbeing.”

-Annette Hunter – RN

“Working with Jana was transformative. She is very intuitive and has a grounding presence. Her vast experience as a nurse combined with her pursuit of holistic health and healing made her the perfect fit for the work I was looking to do. She held the space for me to explore different career options and gave me the confidence I needed to create action plans by believing my dreams were possible. If you are looking for a excellent coach who has done the work herself I would highly recommend Jana!”

-Allison K. - RN

I Love these early mornings! Pretty sure Jana is a mind reader, she always seems to know just what I need.”

“Not sure how you do it but I woke in the middle of the night and needed to stretch my legs, woke up for yoga and boom! we are stretching our legs! Thank you, Jana,”

“Jana always checks in with our bodies and needs before class, when I start to slouch, she reminds not to slouch. This woman is amazing. I love this class. I’m so grateful for these early mornings.”

-Jackie P - Healer

“My life was going through a major painful shift. Your coaching sessions gave me the motivation and inner strength to keep going on days I just wanted to just crawl in bed and escape the pain. I was reminded of my personal power and we co created goals to utilize that power. It was a wonderful, comforting and enlightening experience. I liked how Jana shared a lot of her own personal stories in our sessions, reminding me that I was indeed not alone. I started the process of taking my power back. I started to feel strong and worthy again, thus I was able to meet our co created goals. I felt accomplished. Keep pushing through, do not stop. Remember to use the power of my mind to focus on what I want and not what I dot want. I AM worthy. Everyone who desires coaching that is relatable, motivating and empowering. I gained a friend.”

-Keaira M. - RN

“Before I started working with Jana as my nurse coach, I was going through hormonal imbalance as well as struggling with some faulty thinking that I was unable to get myself out of. With my hormonal imbalance I had/have a doctor whom I’m working with. It has been a struggle to find the hormonal balance even with the assistance of the doctor. Some of my children are struggling in their lives, which as a mother is very emotionally painful. Working with Jana was very helpful. She was kind, patient, thoughtful, took a thorough inventory of things that were happening in my life and the strategized with me collaboratively to find some way to lighten my life. The weekly sessions were something I looked forward to. They held me accountable to try the things I had agreed to try during the week and then discuss them. Jana’s outlook on life rubbed off on me and her suggestions were an amazing addition to my life. I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and I have incorporated some of the techniques that Jana used with me with my own clients to improve their lives. The weekly coaching sessions, with Jana’s inspiring outlook and suggestions, have changed my life. I have felt more positive, less attached to the outcomes of my adult children’s struggles (which in turn has enabled them to rise to meet their struggles) and I’ve felt more grounded/have been taking things less personally.”

-Tabitha Kuehne, LMFT

“Before meeting for coaching my life was in a tumultuous phase, going through a rough breakup that completely blindsided me. I also had contracted some sort of severe food poisoning/parasite and had some GI problems, as well as existing autoimmune issues. Through the sessions I feel like I was able to keep my life on track and improve my health, instead of ending up in a downward spiral, as often these tough times can initiate. My experience was a positive one; I liked that Jana was punctual, welcoming, friendly, very knowledgeable, organized, and had good follow through. She was also available if I needed help and were able to provide good resources, without being pushy. Benefits, results, achievements: began a daily meditation practice, Rediscovered hobbies and gave me a push to look into things I enjoy again, Modified my diet to be more conscious about sugar and anti-inflammatory foods; ended up losing inches from waistline too, yay! Benefited from advice on relationship healing and strategies to improve in this area. Used journaling to organize/cleanse thoughts and emotions, turning a negative outlook into being more kind to myself :) Was presented with lots of information on things to check out online that aligned with my goals. Discovered a more intuitive/spiritual side of myself to explore further. Got to experiment with diet modifications and had results I did not expect (i.e. increasing fiber to aid in GI issues... would have never thought of this). Discovered meditation to be extremely helpful with sleep, healing, and motivation - not boring and complicated like I had envisioned. I would recommend this coaching to anyone needing a little guidance or ‘push’ in areas of their life they want to improve; that could be emotional, physical, health-wise, disease, etc. Jana was very motivating and can give you options to look at/think about outside of the norm or expected.

-Sara Binks, Dental Hygienist

“I was feeling stuck with my career and also with my health. I lacked motivation and direction. Our sessions made me feel validated in my feelings, but also motivated in making change and feeling hopeful that it is possible. I felt safe opening up and sharing my personal struggles, knowing there was no judgement. I liked how easy it was to talk and know Jana was listening. Jana responded to my issues/concerns and suggested actionable solutions. I felt happier after each call and continued to make the effort to be loving with myself and not view things with an all or nothing approach. I have seen the improvements in my life and the choices I make around food.  I think I learned more about the source of my self-esteem issues and negative relationship with food. I would recommend Jana’s coaching to anyone wanting therapeutic coaching. I think women with religious hang-ups will particularly benefit from working with Jana. Jana knows how to connect and speak with women, and you have enough travel and life experience to connect with women on many levels.”

-Tara Evans - Artist

“I didn’t know I needed a retreat like this, I went with a friend. It was the most peaceful and love filled experience. I enjoyed every bit of it but the guided meditation was my favorite. Jana knows how to keep everyone focused. I am still feeling the effects from the retreat 2 weeks later! I feel like the retreat helped me shed a layer of bad energy. The tools given to us has helped me feel more in control of my life. The retreat made me open up and face some things I thought I’d moved past. It felt good to let go of that tension. If you wanted to feel refreshed and renewed, go and keep going.”

Ana Hust - Student

“Jana’s guidance during the retreat was very powerful, spiritual and energetic. A lot of aha moments and strategies to be the light in a dark world. It was a very special few hours. Thank you, Jana, for your leadership and wisdom. Lots of treasures out of it.”

Susan Shea – Business Owner

“I gained more out of one conversation with Jana than I have in years of traditional therapy! Practicing yoga with Jana has also given me more ability to find my true voice, stand in my power and set better boundaries in my relationships.”

Jennifer Brown – Business Owner

What makes you unique?

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Taking the holistic approach to your healing and enjoying the journey.

Every step of the way.

I help nurses, moms and caregivers tune into their own self-healing superpowers. Together we find union, balance and harmony within our mind, body and spirit.  


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